In the summer of 1998, the Boy Scouts invited me and two other former scouts, Marco Mastrangelo and Ambrose Dieringer, to go on their "Big Trip Out West" which they make every three years. It was the fourth time I had been on the trip. We went to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks in Wyoming for two weeks of camping, hiking, and sight-seeing. It was a fun trip, and I thank Troop 466 for inviting me back.

Click on the pictures from the trip:


I'm not going to show you Old Faithful... go here instead.

Marco and Ambrose went to St. John's Elementary School a year behind me and then to Good Counsel high school. Both are Eagle Scouts. Now Marco is working as an athletic trainer and Ambrose is travelling the world.

I want to thank Mr. Dieringer for helping and sticking with us three "guides" on this trip. Also, I'd like to thank Mr. Ward, our Scoutmaster, who led us throughout the entire trip, Mr. Scutt who as a veteran of the Big Trip helped out immensely with his experience, and the rest of the adult leaders. Mr. Castell pointed out that I need some more pictures of the "wheezing geezers," as Marco called them. They all were an integral and entertaining part of the trip for me, so I'm sorry I don't have more pictures of them on here. Finally, I thank all the scouts who made the trip the fun time that it was. The trip was financed mostly by the yearly Christmas Tree sale that Troop 466 runs, so next year buy your trees there, if you can.

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