From July 11 until July 27, 1997 I traveled from Seattle, Washington all the way to the northern parts of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. I made the trip with my Grandpa Redmond and his wife Betty and with my brother Sean for the first week. We traveled on my Grandpa's boat, the Martha C. Here, I will tell about what I saw and give you some pictures and maps showing where we were. It is a trip I'll never forget.

The pictures section at the bottom is the only thing done besides what's noted below.
The pre-voyage trip: Bainbridge Island and Seattle  (completed)

The voyage: To Port Ludlow, Washington  (completed)

Across the San Juan Straights, to Friday Harbor, Wash.(completed)

The San Juans to the Gulf Islands, Canada: Montague Harbour(completed)

To Ganges, B.C. (completed)

Port Sidney, B.C. (completed)

A Day in Victoria, Sean Goes Back Home (working on rest)

Gabriola's Pass, to Straights of Georgia, on to Pender Harbour

To Desolation Sound: Prideaux Haven to Melanie Cove

To Cordero Passage: Blind Channel

Through Johnstone Straight, to Cypress Harbour

To Sullivan Bay

The Trip Home

Some of the pictures from this trip.  (completed)

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