From Ganges to Port Sydney
    This day began early with a trip to the supermarket in Ganges. One of the things I noticed was that Fruity Pebbles in Canada are not like rice crispies as they are in America, they're more like puff balls. I like them the American way, so I was happy that we already had some boxes on the boat. Betty bought some Nanaimo bars and some butter tarts, among other things. Nanaimo is a town near Victoria, BC, so I guess they're famous for their bars. Anyway, getting back to the boat, we got ready for departure. But before we could leave, we had to fill up on gas. Now filling up a boat with gas is not quite as easy as filling up a car. We had to drive the boat over to the special gas station and fill up both engines, whose holes were on each side of the boat. There was no easy way of determining how full the tanks were, so we just had to keep track of what we had put in. The engines need diesel gas, and that was $0.599 Can./Litre. We ended up putting in about 600 L. Afterwards we went into the store and looked around. Now this whole time, we had been paying the GST, the Goods and Services Tax. Apparently, however, tourists don't need to pay it, but the only way they can get their refund is by saving their receipts, filling out a form, and getting the refund at a Duty Free shop. It wasn't worth my effort, so I just paid the stupid tax.
    We finally got on our way, going through as few rocky areas with the help of a detailed navigation chart. We went back south towards Victoria, and after two hours we got into Sydney.
Route to Sydney
Port Sydney was the nicest port I have ever seen. It was filled with huge yachts, some well over 100 feet long. Personally, I think that they were too big, and most were made out of plastic and didn't seem to be that interesting, besides their size. Most of the big boats had hired crews for them, and chances were there owners weren't anywhere near them. So we squeezed in at the end of one of the docks, with big boats to our side and in front of us. We were to spend two nights there.
Well, soon my brother and I went into the town and looked around. I quickly found a candy store that had everything I could have wanted. They had Dubel Zout, Triple Zout, Zout, Salmiak, and all sorts of other stuff.
Dubbel Zoute
Afterwards we went to a restaurant there and got steaks, which were pretty good. After getting back, I rowed around outside the harbour. I came back later and went to bed.
Date: July 18

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