Seattle/Bainbridge Island
My Grandpa Redmond lives on Bainbridge Island outside of Seattle, Washington with his wife Betty.(Click here to see a picture of them.) Last summer I went there for what was an excellent vacation. Bainbridge Island is a very nice island on the Puget Sound just outside Seattle. Most people get there by the Washington State Ferry, the largest ferry system in the world.
Washington State Ferry
Map of Bainbridge Island
My Grandpa lives right on Fletcher Bay, which can be seen on the map above. While we were preparing for the boat trip, I spent some time in the town of Winslow. It's a neat town and I wandered around there. I came into Winslow Drug Store and was happy to find some Sen-Sen. For those of you who don't know what Sen-Sen is (probably most of you), it is a very strongly flavored licorice that I have only rarely been able to find. Only a few people actually like it, and I'm one of them. I was also able to find a candy bar, the Cadbury Crunchie, which is also hard to find but is great. It's like the Violet Crumble from Australia.
Anyway, there's lots of good stuff on Bainbridge Island, and not only food. The people there are very friendly, also.
A couple days after getting to my Grandpa's, I got to spend a day in Seattle. Seattle is a very cool city. It's right on the water and steep streets run from the water up to the downtown area where there are some pretty big skyscrapers. I walked all around the city. I went to the Pike Place Market where they sell lots of different foods and other stuff.
I had just read the book Mindhunter by John Douglas when I was back home and had heard he had a new book out. So, while in Seattle I bought a hard back copy of his book Journey Into Darkness.
 In this book, Douglas, a former FBI agent, describes his work on the serial criminal behavior unit of the FBI, where he used the clues of the crime combined with his experience to develop behavioral profiles of the criminal. The book was pretty detailed in its accounts of the crimes and kept me reading on. It was one of the best books I've read.
Anyway, we stayed in the Seattle area for 3 days getting ready for the boat trip before we were able to leave on the Martha C. towards the north. I could have spent weeks in the Seattle area, but the real trip was just about to begin.
Dates:  July 11-July 14, 1997

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