From Friday Harbor to Montague Harbour
Today we were scheduled to make it into Canada. It would turn out to be one of the most interesting days on the trip, although there was lots of action on subsequent days as well. I woke up early on this Wednesday morning, for a little while at 4:30AM, and then at 6:30. It was beginning to get light out at 4:30. We left under strong current conditions at 9:45. On our trip from Friday Harbor through the San Juan Straights (Harold Straight and Swanson Channel) we saw the Royal Canadian Navy's boats number 161, 702, and 163. These were ships similar to the ones pictured below.
Canadian Ship

Another Canadian Ship
Of course we were much farther out to sea than these pictures, plus we were in American waters. I guess we've got some sort of agreement with the Canadian military.
As we were approaching the customs at Bedwell Harbour, we noticed some activity in the waters around us. Then we saw in the distance a killer whale surface and re-submerge. Looking more, we idled our boat and saw others all around us. There were between 10 and 15 whales in our area. The water was 300-400 feet deep and we were relatively near the shore. We all sat on the deck and watched them for a long time. One ended up coming within 15 feet of our rear left side. That was pretty awesome. 
After a while a whale watching, we saw hordes of commercial whale watching boats come into the area. They were very aggresive in their pursuits of the whales, and after a while, we decided to continue on.
We stopped at the customs for a short period of time and then continued north towards Montague Harbour.
We anchored in the middle of Montague Harbour, with several other boats also in there. Because we were in the middle of the harbour, we had to use the motorized dinghy to get to the general store. So we lowered it from the top of the boat using the crane lift. Sean and I went on to the store and looked around on shore. There really wasn't much there, and the exchange rate wasn't very good either. So we went back to the boat. I then took the rubber row boat out to the opposite shore and explored around there for a little while.
We all just hung out for a while until dinner time, when Betty made some very good corned beef, cole slaw, and corn bread. After dinner I rowed around some more, to the rocky beach covered with trees at the far end of the harbour. Around this time we started seeing the best sunset I had ever seen in my life. It was as if the water, the sky, and the other backround were caught on fire, with blue streaks runing through it. We listened to a little of the Mariners game, and came in to go to sleep. The sunset was still happening at 10:10pm. I listened to the Mariners win as I fell asleep.
Date: July 16

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