To Port Ludlow
My brother Sean was to stay for the first week on the boat while I was going to stay a full two weeks. Betty and Grandpa were going to stay for at least an additional two or three weeks after that in order to cruise around up in Canada and then have time to bring the boat back to Bainbridge Island. All that meant we were going to need to pack a lot of food before we left. So Betty bought tons of food and was kind enough to get me some of my special requests, including Sprite and Honey Bunches of Oats.
After the boat was all packed up with everything, we had to wait for high tide to come. The only way for my Grandpa's boat, the Martha C., to get out of Fletcher Bay was to wait until the water level was high enough. So at 2:00pm high tide came and we went on our way. We travelled for about 3 1/2 hours, about thirty miles to the north, to Port Ludlow, Washington. You can see where Port Ludlow is by the star on the map below.
Date: July 14, 1997
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