To Ganges, British Columbia
I woke up early this Thurs, at 7:15am. It was a very beautiful day, 75 degrees. The water temperature was 58o and there were some people in the boat next to us swimming around. We got into Ganges around 1:00; Ganges is just across the channel from Montague, but we took the long way around an island there.
You can see the route we took on the map above. So that you can tell where all this is, the map below is zoomed out from the one above. The star is Ganges, with Vancouver to the northeast and Seattle to the southeast.
Anyway, after getting into Ganges, I went up into the town and explored around there. It is actually a pretty big place with a lot of tourists. Well, while exploring the town, I went into a lot of different shops. There is a very good ice cream shop just a little ways from the marina. One place I needed to go to was the post office. This was an interesting stop, for one because the workers there were very friendly. Also, on the wicket (which is their word for a counter-top), there was a sign that asked the customers to please be patient because they were just learning how to use the new registers.
Well, I eventually came back to the marina and saw that a shower there cost $1.00 Can. So I went and took a shower.
Loon Dollar
Now, when you're on a boat, one of the top priorities is keeping the boat in good shape. So, after I got back, my Grandpa and I had to go and wash all the windows because layers of sea-salt had built up on them. So I hosed them down as Grandpa squeegied.
I then went out rowing, which had become one of my favorite past-times. While rowing I saw a couple interesting animals.
I saw a black mink or a weasel running in the rocks and then later I saw a seal swimming around. I tried to follow it for a while, but it would dive under and pop up a few minutes later about 100 feet from where it was. Going around the marina, I saw one very big boat that seemed pretty old. It was from the organization Greenpeace. They go around trying to fix environmental problems (but they are pretty wacko). Anyway, this is the same boat I saw, the Moby Dick, but I found this on their web page. The boat is stationed in Amsterdam.
The Moby Dick
I got back to our boat and we had some lasagna. Afterwards I went out onto the bridge of the boat and pulled out the telescope. It was a full moon that day and I could see it clearly even though it was still light out. And then I saw some ambulance across the marina and watched it, but couldn't figure out what they were up to.
I came in a little later and my Grandpa began to show us his photo album, which was very interesting. My Grandpa has been very interested in our genealogical roots and has been all over the country looking for some of our ancestors. We Redmonds came over to America before the Revolution and were among the first Irish here (long before the potato famine, if you were wondering). Anyway, I enjoyed looking at that photo album.
Well, later I went to sleep, listening to one of my  tapes. I had added the song "A Day in the Life" by the Beatles. I'm not sure if any of you have heard the end of it, after it already has ended, but it sounds like devil music. And it came on as I was almost asleep and it freaked me out. Click here to listen.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band
Date: July 17

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