From Port Ludlow across the San Juan Straights to Friday Harbor
Today was going to be an 8 hour journey across the open waters of the San Juan Straights. We left from Port Ludlow in the fog at 8:30 in the morning. Now, every time we left a marina or came into one, all four of us performed specific roles. My Grandpa piloted the boat from the bridge whenever we came in or out. Sean and I ensured that all the landing lines were secure and where they were supposed to be. Betty helped Sean and me and corrected us often, thankfully. Getting a big boat like the one we had in and out of docks in tidal water is no easy chore. Luckily we had no major problems.
Anyway, we left around 8:30 and had breakfast en route. Considering the light rain and wind, we were lucky the San Juan Straights were passable. Still, the trip was very rough, with constant heavy rocking in all directions. The waves we were passing over would have capsized some small boats, and this was compounded by the wakes left by some of the huge freighters. Passing by the Victoria-Seattle ferry the Princess Marguerite III as well as a tug boat, we really started rocking.
Princess Marguerite
As Sean piloted the boat, I sat in the very back of the boat outside to keep my mind off the rocking. I eventually was rocked to sleep and ended up sleeping for 3 hours, through the the worst part of the journey. After I woke up, we were near the end of the trip, and I went up to help my brother pilot.
Now, the Pacific-Northwest is heavy logging territory, and logs are floating all over the place. My Grandpa had warned us about this at the beginning of the trip because a log could easily tear up one of the engines if we hit it wrong. As we were going, I noticed a big one right in front of us that my brother hadn't seen. I let him know and we had to take a very sharp turn to avoid it. What dangers we saw on those first few days!
A Logging Operation
We came into Friday Harbor around 4:00. Those docks were especially difficult for us because we stuck out from the slip by a lot, into the tidal water's strong current. To get us tied down, we needed the help of another family who was getting ready to leave. As they left we helped them with their lines. You see, everyone helps each other in the boating world, for the most part. Anyway, you can see where Friday Harbor is by looking at the star on the map below.
 Map to Friday Harbor
After arriving at Friday Harbor, my brother Sean and I walked around the town. There was a lot there, but we didn't do too much. After getting back to the boat, we all ate dinner and then I went rowing around Friday Harbor in the inflatable dinghy we had until it got dark. On this 40 minute row I saw some neat stuff. All along the banks of the harbor there was thick ivy growing. It was all very tranquil. I would have liked to have taken pictures, but it ws getting too dark. So I came back in and fell asleep. It was our last full day in the U.S.
 Date: July 15, 1997
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