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I am the third child of four. I have two older brothers, Matt(41) and Sean(38), and a younger sister, Bonnie(33). We are from Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside Washington, DC.


Matt lives in Denton Texas with his wife Windee. He works as a computer specialist at a software company. She stays at home with their cute daughter Anna, who was born in September, 2007.




Sean graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in 1997 and received two masters degrees from Georgetown. Sean is currently working at the Chamber of Commerce. He is also very involved as an alumni leader for Georgetown.


Bonnie graduated from Texas A&M University and now works in Maryland as an occupational therapist. She is married to Joe Lindsly. They have a beautiful daughter, my God-Daugher, Abbie.



My dad is a retired colonel and medical doctor in the U.S. Army, formerly stationed at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Forest Glen, Maryland. His specialty is sleep research. Now he likes to sight-see and do genealogical research around the country.


My mom was a retired nurse who passed away from cancer on April 28, 2008. We miss her every day. Read my eulogy for her here.

    If you click here you can see some more pictures of my family.


General   My Family   My High School   Intramurals   Officiating   Sports



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